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  • We are responsible for allocating primary and secondary school places at community and controlled schools in the county; providing assistance with school transport; administering the provision of free school meals and providing travel assistance and advice for students in further education.
  • Admissions Forum - East Sussex
    01273 481232
    The Admissions Forum discusses the effectiveness of admission arrangements and how those arrangements can be improved. It advises admission authorities on how to deal with difficult admission arrangements. The forum deals with school admissions policy and does not discuss individual admissions cases.
  • Bullying - East Sussex
    01323 747060
    We are working to prevent bullying in schools and the wider community. We have an anti-bulliying strategy, which aims to show our commitment to stopping bullying both in and out of school.
  • 01273 482585
    We support schools and other customers by purchasing, managing and monitoring catering services. The team is professionally qualified and experienced in the following areas: catering management, management studies, food hygiene, health and safety, group training and project management.
  • 01323 464977
    The Award is open to anyone between the aged 14-25 years old. It is a challenging programme of activities to help young people learn new skills, help others and experience adventure. The contacts below can give more information about how to take part and list of venues.
  • Education Capital Strategy Team - East Sussex
    01273 481314
    We are responsible for the strategic planning associated with providing school places. We identify and develop priorities for capital investment, bid for capital resources and develop project proposals to improve school buildings.
  • 01273 481967
    We provide support to pupils and families to help develop closer links between home and school. We aim to help pupils raise achievement by promoting and reinforcing school attendance. We help identify factors that prevent children from obtaining the fullest benefit from their education and undertake appropriate action.
  • Freedom and Pathfinder bus tickets provide pupils and students with unlimited bus travel on most routes within East Sussex.
  • Governor Services - East Sussex
    01323 466885
    Governor Services provides support, training and advice for all school governing bodies in East Sussex to enable them to effectively fulfil their roles and responsibilities, and contribute to school improvement.
  • 0345 6080192
    Free, impartial information and advice for families with children 0 - 19 (0 to 25 for young people with special needs). Information about; childcare, finances, education, activities and special educational needs and disability. We run projects to support parents and carers, and support other services to work with them. Helpline: 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Thursday, Fridays 8:30am to 4.30pm.
  • Schools and colleges - East Sussex
    0345 6080190
    Please click on the links below to see contact details for all infant, junior, primary, secondary or special schools in East Sussex. For information about admission arrangements to schools you should contact the Admissions and Transport Team.
  • 01323 466380
    Provides library services, historical artefacts and advice for teachers at all schools in East Sussex and Brighton & Hove. We are open all year on Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, and on Friday 9am-4pm. Outside office hours, please leave a message on our answer phone.
  • 01273 481968
    The SEN team co-ordinates the educational provision for children with special educational needs across East Sussex. We endeavour to ensure that children with special educational needs in East Sussex are being given an appropriate, broad and well-balanced education.


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